Monday, January 31, 2022

Wind Horses

 Illuminated Earth Oracle ~ Path

Tibetan Wind Horse prayer flags. Lovely, uplifting, simple. Each January I hung a fresh set on our field gate at the farm. They changed through the year, bright to pale to tattered as they did their work. It was one more tool to keep color in my life and spirits up in a very difficult time and situation. Odd, I've never felt the need to do it since. 

I have my word rocks now, and new and old trees. They last and seem to grow more beautiful with time. And Cymbalta. 

Sunday, January 30, 2022

The Ultimate

 Illuminated Earth Oracle ~ Cosmos

I like to think from stardust I began, to stardust I'll return. Uncomplicated, easy for my small brain to grasp and take comfort from. If I think in terms of all the time in the world to do it, and the earth is estimated to be 4.54 billion years old, it will happen. 

Exciting. The ultimate 'something to look forward to'. 

Saturday, January 29, 2022

No Fears Here

 Tree Wisdom Cards ~ Fear

It took me a long time to realize it but the things we worry about seldom happen. So I have a mental wooden worry box, if I'm worried about something I put it in the box. The box is small, so if something goes in something has to come out. Keeps worry manageable, and puts them in perspective. 

Now that I think about it I could do the same thing with fear. But thinking about it most things I might fear aren't going to happen either. Getting hit by a train, run over by a bus, knifed in a back alley. None of those available here, not going to happen. 

I think I'll not even bother with a mental fear box. No fears here. 

Friday, January 28, 2022

Possibly Possible Possibilities

 Tree Wisdom Cards ~ Possibilities

The family of five next door all have covid. The family below, their son has long covid, they call him the 10 minute-er because that is how long he can remember anything. Will we miss the bullet? It is possible. 

I put my darling treadle sewing machine on ebay yesterday. Not because I want to sell it, or forbid the thought, ship it, but because it is the last item I'm selling from the quilt room and I wanted to tell its story. Say goodbye properly. Will it sell? Possible but doubtful, but I'll think positive. 

Little Fiona has her 2nd ever doctor appointment this morning. Will she pass with flying colors and be good as gold? I'd be the most surprised person in the world if she didn't. But it's possible Rob will get the bent eye because she is up 2 pounds. She loves her grub and he is a sucker for her big hazel eyes. 

Thursday, January 27, 2022

El Libre

 Tree Wisdom Cards ~ Liberate

What a great word of the year Liberate would be. I'm liberating the quilt room this month. Six books, three antique quilt tops, and the treadle are all that is left of the stuff to go. Today I feel good about it, and I'm glad I didn't do it over several years like I did my books. Done is done, and there are some special projects left that will be a pleasure to sew. 

That said, this is the collage card I made yesterday to work out my feelings. As I look at it this morning, it is about liberation too. And hope that all my violets sell :) 

We have a movie called The Crew, in which an elderly gentleman looks at the plate of mush they call dinner, goes over the wall, and shouts "El Libre". Yes. 

Wednesday, January 26, 2022

I Won't Cry

 Tree Wisdom Cards ~ Regrets

Changed decks, I'm too fragile to use the hard edged steely tarot deck I started out with this week. I guess I knew this week would come when I started selling/gifting/donating all my books four or five years ago. But maybe I thought my changing vision wouldn't get through the quilt room door. That because it was a passion all my adaptations would work. That because I wanted it bad enough I'd power through. 

But, needs must, I'm tough enough to do this, my quilt room has been flung to ebay this week. The good news is I quit buying fabric in 2001 after becoming a FlyLady grad. And I kept what I had neat and tidy, and used up and used up, and's not too bad!

The regrets? When I fell in love with applique I bought every fine thread color in the book...and got good enough to use white for everything. So I have a bag of expensive thread to list. Better that someone else be enjoying it than me sitting on it doggie in the manger. 

On the other hand I got the nicest card from a friend yesterday that touched my heart and gave me strength. Thank you for being there! I recognize I have a choice in this, I didn't lose everything I own to fire or war or flood. It's all good, moving on, will paint happy little trees. 

Monday, January 24, 2022

Pilot Light

 Crystal Tarot ~ King of Wands 

Excels at being both the pilot light and the flame. 

An hour later and that is still all I have, but it is certainly something to aspire to. 

Sunday, January 23, 2022

Time And Tide

 Crystal Tarot ~ 4 of Wands

We build the dream structure, cozy up in it, furnish it, change it around. Mental or physical, I don't think they were ever meant to be permanent because we change, grow, shrink, become tired, become energized. 

I'm playing the long game now; hoping we never have to move, but knowing the probability is strong we will. In 2001 with FlyLady I started out with the plan to downsize my 'stuff' by half. I've more than achieved that long ago, but I'm still doing it. With the exception of quilt room stuff that will be going on eBay shortly, if I had to move today I'm ready. No loads to the dump, no shall I pack it or not. I've got it dialed. 

Still the same mental or physical structures...or not. Changes occur because time and tide keep rolling on. 

Saturday, January 22, 2022

Ice Age

 Dinosaures de Marseille ~Winter/Age

Ahh. Humm. Age. Tyrannosaurus has recognized the age of the Dinosaurs is coming to an end. Not enough light to grow food, ice age, times they are changing and he can't go with it, can't outrun it.  

When his life span of 30 years end I think, like me, he will find a soft nest, lie down and appreciate nature until his eyes close for the last time. But what an amazing run of 165 million years they had. 

Friday, January 21, 2022


 Dinosaures de Marseille ~ Spring/Infancy 

I'm an infant at painting. Embryo more likely, but my paint and brushes came yesterday which I exclaimed over when picking them up at the Post Office which led to a nice conversation with one of the employees; she is a painter, it is her work hung on the wall behind the counters. 

The lid is off the box, I touch something everytime I pass it. But I like to have things to look forward to and being a lazy (Y) it is my current carrot on the stick for the January project I'm working on this week. Kind of fun thinking of myself as a embryo. Fresh start and it's only a couple of months to Spring!

Thursday, January 20, 2022

Sweet Heart Shriveled Heart

 Dinosaures de Marseille ~ Charity

The mother Protoceratops shows her hungry littles where the tastiest bits are, and recognizing plenty, they in turn share with the baby Pachycephalosaurus.

When I was pre-teen, at different times my parents took in two young boys to foster. Mike came from a family up the road, we didn't know why he was there, he only stayed about six months, and my biggest memory was he always flattened his mashed potatoes, used his fork and spoon to make roads and hills, and made big truck noises working the results. Many years later we dated off and on, a very nice guy.

Joe with with us for years, graduating and moving on with his life. I don't know where they heard about him or why he came but he was a very fun big brother. I know what became of him, about 20 years later he robbed our garage of tools and equipment. He went to jail. Did he know it was our house? Would it have made a difference? 

We never know where our charity will take us, but hesitating to do so can only shrivel our hearts. 

Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Public War Private War

Dinosaures de Marseille ~ Mars

Mars, the planet of wars and conflict. Ankylosaurus, built to and for challenge.

“President Bush announced that we were landing on Mars today … which means he’s given up on Earth.” Jon Stewart, The Daily Show

Was there ever a war that served a purpose beyond stimulating an economy and lining the coffers of rich  men, and diverting the attention of the general public from what was really going on? I sincerely doubt it. 

Have I ever started a personal war I've won? I don't think so. That is how I learned to mind my own business. 

Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Bordering on Miraculous

 Dinosaures de Marseille ~ Faith

A Virtue drawn today, in the guise of a baby Eudimorphodon leaping out on that first flight. As adults we do a lot of farting around, shuffling back and forth, practicing in our minds, imagining broken bones and/or people laughing at us, googling, watching other people do it on YouTube, but babies, they just 'do it'. 

I'm practicing just do it this month. The pain has been minimal, the results bordering on miraculous. I can live with that. 

Monday, January 17, 2022

Aged Iguanodon

 Dinosaurs of Marseille ~ Saturn 

Saturn = Time and endings. Smith says this aged Iguanodon is about to bring in his last harvest. If you knew this was your last harvest what would you do?

I'd probably lament first, who wants to die. Then I'd be grateful it wasn't to be long painful lingering. Then I'd gather my little family of Rob, dogs, chickens, cats, and do giant hugs and thank yous. Then I'd just wander in the garden and forest and yard and appreciate the beauty of nature, perhaps get a couple of favorite quilts and lie down and watch clouds and the final moon. I've been blessed since birth, don't grieve for me. 

Sunday, January 16, 2022

Making Space

 Dinosaures de Marseille ~ Hermit

Key takeaway? Does not run with the herd. He proceeds thoughtfully, always with a light against the dark. Me, I just want to knock heads together, but know that isn't the answer. So I'm taking another six weeks off from the news. I'm pretty sure the world will go on. If it ends don't write, we'll all be in a better place. 

On the other hand I invite you to cast your light over my tarot decks for sale on Ebay. Last time I lightened my collection I mailed them all to a friend in Canada...I must have more energy this year :) Or at least be more determined to make space in my life to breathe. 

Click Here!

Saturday, January 15, 2022

Befriending Crows

 Wilderwoven Tarot ~ 9 of Swords

There are always two sides to the story. The author feels the barn owl is being haunted and harassed by a murder of crows. I love crows, and as we have chickens, I appreciate that our crows harry off raptor birds. They aren't protecting our chickens, they are protecting their own brood and nesting areas but I always say thank you for the side benefit. 

To my knowledge I haven't got anything 9-ish going on, but life can turn on a dime and being aware of that; take care on the stairs, not run with scissors, chew carefully before I swallow. And be thankful for my friends the crows. They are remarkable birds.

Friday, January 14, 2022

Sling It Off

 Wilderwoven Tarot ~ Death

In this representation the author speaks of the process of shedding skin, to make space for new growth. 

This describes January for me and why I choose it for the big projects. But it also makes me laugh...the office is my current big push, and instead of looking cleaner it is worse as I've added a card table beside my desk to hold the items I'm writing the drafts for on ebay. I just keep telling myself, the piles there mean empty spots elsewhere. Good job, put yer back into it, sling off that tight itchy constricting old useless skin!

Wednesday, January 12, 2022


 Wilderwoven Tarot ~ Sun 

Fundamental force. No matter how discouraged or tired or worried I get, the Sun and Moon remind me they have always been and always will be. Unchanged.

I take great personal comfort in that and make a point each day to acknowledge and appreciate them. 

Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Put My Back Into It

 Wilderwoven Tarot ~ 8 of Wands 

This card suggests I go with my momentum and capitalize on current energy. I did my annual deck cull yesterday, the cards will all need to be put in order and checked for damage before listing on Ebay.

Under that shelf are the DVDs, on the left two boxes of questionables. Not a fan of the listing process, Love the money rolling in.

And face facts, we don't have kids, whoever cleans out our stuff will probably put it all in a dumpster. If I'm finished with something it needs to go one way or the other. Hence the annual clear out. It's a good thing. Feet to the fire...put my back into it...

Monday, January 10, 2022

Fire Under My Feet

 Wilderwoven Tarot ~ Queen of Wands

After kick starting myself a few days ago I've been Queen of Wandsing like mad. Our Get 'er Done queen. Today's agenda is the volunteer job. No idea of the size of the project but I'll bet I finish it before our quitting time. 

I have the fire of wands lit under my feet...

Sunday, January 9, 2022

Do No Harm

Wilderwoven Tarot ~ Page of Swords

There was a note in this box to check a post I made last time I used this deck. Makes me wonder this morning 'what I knew and when did I know it', because I don't think I knew it then...but I must have.

The Page's wooden sword is indicative of their place in life, to explore, ponder, experiment, test the waters. And do no harm. 

Saturday, January 8, 2022

Make A List

 5¢ Tarot ~ Ace of Wands/Matches

Opportunity: I volunteered this morning to do a ongoing task as a way to support a group I receive so much from. 

Potential: I have the potential to actually do something entirely new, I'm excited! And there is the potential tiny eye implant will be approved by the FDA this year and stop the progression of that disease. I live in hope. 

Hesitation: In my nighttime thinks I realized there was a better way to do a big plan for April, now done and dusted. 

Unmotivated: the two big tasks I set for myself this year. May have to bring in the rented enthusiasm is low. I need to go at it as if I were moving somewhere else. Great declutter spur. I need to take my timer with me and set it for 15 minutes and go like the wind. I'm not eight years old, I can do this. And envision how nice it will be when finished! 

Friday, January 7, 2022

Squirreling Stuff

 5¢ Tarot ~ 2 of Wands/Matches

The squirrel is representative of long term planning and ways to get around over through obstacles. We feed the birds so see quite a few of them. It is Fiona's mission in life to run them off but still they come, beautiful, persistent, single minded about the cracked corn and sunflower seeds. 

Which makes me wonder, humans spend lots of time and money and space on cupboards and freezers and refrigerators and plastic and glass containers keeping our foodstuffs dry, clean, and safe. How much of that food the squirrels pack off is edible by the time they get to it? 

Which brings me around to my small but lovely remaining quilt fabric stash and what to do with it. Decisions decisions, but progress will be made. 

Thursday, January 6, 2022

Miles and Miles and Miles

 5¢ Tarot ~ Chariot

Pomer chose the reindeer as his chariot icon, makes sense if you believe in Santy Claus. It got me to thinking about the various vehicles I've had over the years. My first was a '65 Ford Fairlane 500 Coupe. I took over the car and  payments from my big brother when he went in the navy. $58.00 a month.  It was hard to start, harder to keep running, but it had Pipes, loud ones, and I put chromies on it and had the rear end jacked up and when it went it went like the wind. Fun times. 

On the other hand we have friends who like cruise ships for their chariot, and I have no doubt they've been more miles on those than I have driven in my life time. Funny to think about it that way. 

Long haul truck drivers figure they average one million miles every ten years. That means Rob has diven four million plus, hard seats, bad roads, breakdowns, tiny coffin sleepers, all away from home. Bless his pea-picking heart. Next time you curse a semi in front of you think about this. Everything you touch and buy has been brought to you by truck at some point, usually several. 

Wednesday, January 5, 2022

Pick It Up, Let It Go

 5¢ Tarot ~ 2 of Coins/Buttons

The flexibility of the octopus suggests we can do it all, the reality of two arms two legs limited intelligence says 'not for you, human'. 

We can do everything poorly or some things well. It is fun to try everything though, how else will we discover what our rel calling is, where our special talent lies? 

Tuesday, January 4, 2022

Put A Smile On It

 5¢ Tarot ~ 9 of Swords/Needles

The loris, found in Maylasia, is said to be a dreamer of ghosts, hence its continual attitude of despair and habit of covering its eyes. 

Been there, when all my thoughts were of doom and gloom and made of black and gray. Heavy mind, heavy heart. My mother was a great one for saying 'put a smile on it' which aggravated me no end. Fine advice for a little kid having a moan, no help at all and one more sword as an adult with a mind full of suicide. 

Would have been nice to hear 'I love you'. 

Monday, January 3, 2022

Whiff Of Smoke?

 5¢ Tarot ~ Queen of Coins/Buttons

One of the keywords on this card is pretentious. I know one when I meet one, but looked up the official definition, in case I am one. Rings a bell, perhaps in my 20s and mired in dead end jobs.

On the other hand, if I caught a whiff of smoke, there may be a fire brewing, so today's thinks will be on self pride. Kind of easy for me to fall into that mode most Januarys because I make progress on specific goals. No Queen of Buttons here...I'm busy being the Page. And I think my rented mule is sitting down...

Sunday, January 2, 2022

Rented Mule

 5¢ Tarot ~ 3 of Coins/Buttons

Collaboration, teamwork. 

Rob would say that is me foreman, him being worked like a rented mule. Maybe. Works for us. 

Saturday, January 1, 2022

Rational Mind

 White Hare Wisdom Oracle  ~ Protection

Seatbelt. Shoe soles. Bandaids. Cup handles. Oven mitts. 

I am surrounded by protections, the most important one being my mind, which tells me to use them. Or not. On this New Year Day I am thankful for a mostly rational brain.