Saturday, January 8, 2022

Make A List

 5¢ Tarot ~ Ace of Wands/Matches

Opportunity: I volunteered this morning to do a ongoing task as a way to support a group I receive so much from. 

Potential: I have the potential to actually do something entirely new, I'm excited! And there is the potential tiny eye implant will be approved by the FDA this year and stop the progression of that disease. I live in hope. 

Hesitation: In my nighttime thinks I realized there was a better way to do a big plan for April, now done and dusted. 

Unmotivated: the two big tasks I set for myself this year. May have to bring in the rented enthusiasm is low. I need to go at it as if I were moving somewhere else. Great declutter spur. I need to take my timer with me and set it for 15 minutes and go like the wind. I'm not eight years old, I can do this. And envision how nice it will be when finished! 


  1. Kate at Stubblejumpers had a good idea - just tell yourself to do one small part each day rather than thinking about the whole.
    Hurray for the possible implant!

    1. flylady 101, 15 minutes flat out dinkum :) I just cleaned out my bookmarks, one small step for procrastinators

  2. I remember fondly our teapot timer drills

    1. well they sure worked today! Those ladies were so much fun!


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