Friday, January 7, 2022

Squirreling Stuff

 5¢ Tarot ~ 2 of Wands/Matches

The squirrel is representative of long term planning and ways to get around over through obstacles. We feed the birds so see quite a few of them. It is Fiona's mission in life to run them off but still they come, beautiful, persistent, single minded about the cracked corn and sunflower seeds. 

Which makes me wonder, humans spend lots of time and money and space on cupboards and freezers and refrigerators and plastic and glass containers keeping our foodstuffs dry, clean, and safe. How much of that food the squirrels pack off is edible by the time they get to it? 

Which brings me around to my small but lovely remaining quilt fabric stash and what to do with it. Decisions decisions, but progress will be made. 


  1. What we uncover when we go digging.

  2. We have lots of pecan and oak trees that sprout everywhere in the spring, thanks to the squirrels. :)


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