Thursday, January 20, 2022

Sweet Heart Shriveled Heart

 Dinosaures de Marseille ~ Charity

The mother Protoceratops shows her hungry littles where the tastiest bits are, and recognizing plenty, they in turn share with the baby Pachycephalosaurus.

When I was pre-teen, at different times my parents took in two young boys to foster. Mike came from a family up the road, we didn't know why he was there, he only stayed about six months, and my biggest memory was he always flattened his mashed potatoes, used his fork and spoon to make roads and hills, and made big truck noises working the results. Many years later we dated off and on, a very nice guy.

Joe with with us for years, graduating and moving on with his life. I don't know where they heard about him or why he came but he was a very fun big brother. I know what became of him, about 20 years later he robbed our garage of tools and equipment. He went to jail. Did he know it was our house? Would it have made a difference? 

We never know where our charity will take us, but hesitating to do so can only shrivel our hearts. 


  1. We seem to be running on parallel paths today. We've never fostered anyone, but we have tried to give those on the recovery road a job now and then. Sometimes we were delighted with the results and other times not. We have learned not to give folks money for supplies, but to go buy them ourselves! Yet to close off the heart because of a few seems worse than the harm done to begin with.

  2. I learned the hard way not to give money to my brother but to take groceries ;) Live and learn.

  3. Funny that, how people come and go in our lives. Interesting really.

    1. about 20 years ago mother said she wanted to have a christmas party and had a surprise. In walked Mike and his wife and family, it was wonderful to see him.


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