Sunday, January 23, 2022

Time And Tide

 Crystal Tarot ~ 4 of Wands

We build the dream structure, cozy up in it, furnish it, change it around. Mental or physical, I don't think they were ever meant to be permanent because we change, grow, shrink, become tired, become energized. 

I'm playing the long game now; hoping we never have to move, but knowing the probability is strong we will. In 2001 with FlyLady I started out with the plan to downsize my 'stuff' by half. I've more than achieved that long ago, but I'm still doing it. With the exception of quilt room stuff that will be going on eBay shortly, if I had to move today I'm ready. No loads to the dump, no shall I pack it or not. I've got it dialed. 

Still the same mental or physical structures...or not. Changes occur because time and tide keep rolling on. 


  1. I live with two folks who hardly ever get rid of anything unless forced to do so. I am currently going through every kitchen cabinet and drawer as I begin to pack in preparation for a wall replacement and then painting. ReStore (Habitat for Humanity) has gotten quite a few boxes.

    1. the very first thing I decluttered in 2001 was my kitchen utensil drawer. EIGHT pounds of stuff...outta here:) It still looks nice although Rob has added the type of grater he prefers as current head cook.


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