Monday, January 3, 2022

Whiff Of Smoke?

 5¢ Tarot ~ Queen of Coins/Buttons

One of the keywords on this card is pretentious. I know one when I meet one, but looked up the official definition, in case I am one. Rings a bell, perhaps in my 20s and mired in dead end jobs.

On the other hand, if I caught a whiff of smoke, there may be a fire brewing, so today's thinks will be on self pride. Kind of easy for me to fall into that mode most Januarys because I make progress on specific goals. No Queen of Buttons here...I'm busy being the Page. And I think my rented mule is sitting down...


  1. You might like your bling and learning new things, but I see you as practical (as opposed to pretentious).

  2. Enjoyed your saying about “rented mule”….made me laugh. I see you as never pretending to impress anyone - you are honest and very unpretentious. Happy New Year to you and your Rob.

    1. and to you and Lloyd, only the best of the best to you and yours!


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