Saturday, February 5, 2022

A Zig When Zagging

 Illuminated Earth Oracle ~ Attachment

I've said I'm ebaying the bulk of my quilt room, my January project. The last item to go and the only one I have real attachment to is my Singer Treadle. I'm going to tell the story here as part of letting go. 

 In 2012 I decided 2013 would be the year I found a treadle and learned to sew, well, on it. I wanted a Singer because I could readily find parts if needed. 

I mentioned it on the TreadleOn group, for people who love people-powered machines, and the owner, Cap't Dick Wightman responded and said if we could come to Seattle the next day, January 1, he had one I could have. 

So we went, gorgeous winter day, crisp, blue sky. And what a fun day it turned out to be. We had no idea he was not just another antique machine nut, but a famous venquilitrist. He got out some of his figures, which he'd made himself and did a one man show for us. We still hold it as a favorite day of memories, and one of the reasons this is the last item I'm letting go from my quilt room.

It will be gone shortly, but don't I have good memories! Attachments need to be flexible because life makes zigs when we are zagging, I'm going with the flow. 


  1. "In non-attachment the river-life of emotion continues, only our relationship to it alters."
    —Jane Hirshfield
    What a wonderful story - thank you for sharing that!

  2. I imagine you smiling each time you used the treadle sewing machine thinking of the Captain. Such a good memory to hold close.

  3. Thank you for sharing such a lovely story


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