Thursday, February 24, 2022

Adapt Is A Friendlier Word

 Telluric Tarot ~ 2 of Coins

Another gem that changes with the light; apple, there must be a million varieties by now. I've put myself under immense pressure to make changes...I'm still waiting to see if change becomes improvement. It doesn't always, other than letting us know the difference. 

I know me though, sitting still while time marches over me isn't going to happen. I love the home adaptations we've made for day to day eye problems. I'm crazy about our reinvented office area. My collage loft with its rolltop desk is the ultimate lovely place to sit down and create. I've learned to love reading on my kindle app. The emptied bookcases have offered new usefulnesses. 

But the small still voice in the background seems to be saying 'are you really just preparing to die?'. I think I'm adapting to circumstances, but am I? 


  1. I have part of a Zen chant next to my bed that reads: "Tonight your days are diminished by one; do not squander your life." We're all moving toward death the minute we're born. Some of us just learn to adapt and enjoy life along the way!

  2. None of really know. There are a lot of days I ask myself the same question and with recent events, even more so. Here's the thing, we've been preparing for tomorrow almost everyday of our lives. Homework to be done the next day for school, grocery lists, vacation planning, preparation is part of our lives. Death is part of our journey, doesn't mean it will happen anytime soon.

    1. Just preparing for tomorrow. I like that, intent is to have lots of tomorrows.

    2. Here is too lots of lovely tomorrows!

    3. today is our annual trip to the coast for donuts :) I know you don't care for them, but there will be something there you do like. :)


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