Sunday, February 20, 2022

Old Age New Age

 Telluric Tarot ~ 6 of Swords

Transition and healing after turbulence and hard times. Amethyst protects from madness...maybe instead of free masks a nice piece of Amethyst could be provided to all of us. Taxpayer dollars are mostly spent on far worse.

I have a nice nugget of raw amethyst on my naturescape table, I think I'll carry it in my pocket today, calm the waters. It can't hurt to use a little new age understanding to help cope with age old reality can it? 


  1. I've often heard amethyst promoted as a stone for sobriety. :)

    1. started by the ancient Greeks with the idea they could drink even more if they could hold on to sobriety longer. Course the Romans tickled their throats with a feather so they could vomit and go back and eat more.

    2. It's my birthstone, but it never seemed to help me in that regard. :D

  2. A lovely stone for my pocket, sounds like a good plan.


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