Sunday, February 6, 2022

Really Lucky

 Arboridium Oracle ~ Extrapluffs

The monkey mind part that says "OooOOo Shiny!" and we drop what we are doing or learning and leap on the next thing. As working adults we are sort of trained up at doing that; waitress, stock broker, carpenter, always a new customer, a new task. New extrapluffs.

So we often continue on in our personal life, a new home project when the last one isn't finished, a new bike when the old one is really really fine, and really bad, collecting all the attendant toys of the new Shiny. 

I'm lucky because having cancer three times has helped me fine tune life. Flylady taught me the super value of need vs want. And I have time to sit in a tree with Fiona and just enjoy the moon. I mean, I am Really Lucky. 


  1. The ability to be content without being pulled by a choke collar of wants truly is a blessing.


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