Wednesday, February 9, 2022

Space To Breathe

 Arboridium Oracle ~ Juggling

This was my January. Wow, a powerful month of long days of work and action, exciting and exhausting with so many long term decisions coming to fruition. With benefits... I netted just short of 3K on my ebay listings, with the moving on of the treadle that section of my master plan is complete.

Loaded in the Jeep are the very last of the weird things I was hanging on to, headed to the donation center. Like two big punch bowls and sixty cups. The crystal tea set for four, a wedding gift from my grandmother. A sleeping bag, my in-laws wedding silver, a quart baggie of mechanical pencils... 

A fun gone, we had our first fire of the season with downed limbs from our trees. For starter we used all the leftover boxes I'd been saving for the big sale. That opened up a lot of space! A sad one, I ceremonially offered my box of eighty crochet booklets, mostly from the 30s-50s, some dating back to the 1910-20s. No one wanted them. OK, their value and enjoyment has been honored by fire. I have to make the space in  my life for wonderful new things to fill the well. But it won't be stuff

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  1. A good month indeed, albeit a bit of heartrending, but you accomplished what you set out to do. A good month indeed! Yay for Sharyn!


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