Saturday, March 5, 2022


 Prisma Vision Tarot ~ Judgement

Thinking about self-judgement lately. I was doing a EFT tapping exercise (poor man's instant acupuncture without needles!) a few days ago on the theme 'you are enough'. A lot of times I come up way short in my own estimation. But the beginning of the exercise focused on the shadow side' you are not enough'.  And I realized as I tapped, as much as I scraped my brain, no one has ever told me or implied 'I am not enough'. 

Yes, I've had to redo homework, yes, I've had to redo work tasks, yes, I've been to school and taken courses where I've not done so well, but those are learning steps not someone's Judgement on me. Interesting exercise...


  1. I'm reading Joko Beck and she offered an exercise (3 questions) that made me ask a similar question:
    1. As a child, I was trained to be... (stated or implied)
    2. As an adult, I require myself to be...
    3. How do I feel when I think I have to live up to those requirements?
    I could see how my requirements were shaped, but it was an epiphany that no one but me was holding me accountable.

  2. We can be our harshest critic and are greatest advocate as well. We are interesting mix of much.


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