Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Truth Love Hope

 Zillich Tarot ~ 2 of Cups

Holding the emerald of truth, love, and hope to my heart. I love my cards because they make me face the truth and work with it. Because they remind me to be compassionate with myself and others, we are all a work in progress. Because they allow hope to be recognized, glimmer or epiphany. 

After my sadsack post yesterday, I realized I've made some serious moves on replacing quilting in  my life, directing toward positive actions that my failing eyes can work with, they just haven't come to full fruition yet. The quilt room will eventually arrange itself to needs, in the meantime I need to relax, sit-stay, and face each day with equanimity. 

The president of the local artisan group reached out and asked me to join them, I'm thinking about it for sure. In talking to the librarian at the book sale I was invited to join FOLK, volunteers for the library...with an ulterior motive, first crack at donated magazines for my collage :) which they just send to recycle. And I'm working on a filled well collage piece that is already blowing my mind. 

And postcards have appeared in my mail. Do you know how much they cost to post? Someone in Australia loves us! Thank you! And I'm working hard on a self-love project that involves Bear if you can believe it. 


  1. To love that part of me I'd rather ignore and not deal with is true love indeed. You have been busy letting go and cleaning out - I look forward to seeing what the Universe brings to put in those spaces.

  2. Postcards are great for delivering a quick message. A "how-do-you-do". A "hey there".


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