Tuesday, April 26, 2022

He Looks Sketchy

 Green Witch Tarot ~ 4 of Coins 

Is the guy in the doorway saying 'Joe sent me'? Odd. 

Feeling pretty cocky today, I pretty much have all my Roth squirrels back in the box, a noticeable portion of the wood pile moved undercover and stacked, Rob has moved an enormous pile of dirt and all the 86 pound stones. 

Plus we were gifted ten 21 foot sheets of metal siding from a barn being torn down, so free free free woodshed roof. For side posts we cut up the last of a phone pole gifted from the beeper pole next door. For stringers and headers we had free rough cut lumber from the place we are getting our free firewood. Free is a very good thing if it is useful. 

And I don't care if he knows 'Joe', I ain't letting that guy in, he looks sketchy. But then I'm the one that fell for the fraud photoshop site... Once burned twice shy. 


  1. He looks like a scam artist trying to sell you something.
    You have been a busy bee! Well done on the Roth squirrels!

  2. Things went sideways for you for a bit, sounds like you have things back where they belong. Yay!


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