Saturday, April 23, 2022


 Minchiate Etruria ~ Chariot

Perseverance. Like we have options. Even if we just lie down and let it wash over us, life is still going to roll on. Just being old isn't a win, it's luck. Sometimes. Unless it was a life full of misery and hate. But if that is all you know is it a win?

Is rolling a pebble up a mountain perseverance to be applauded?

Is just getting up a win? Today it is, I found the lovely half-moon, never where I expect it to be of course, even though barely dawn the birds are in full throat, win win. We beat the weather yesterday and got the lawn mowed, breathtaking emerald, with diagonal lines this time. Today I'll have finished the quilting project, the top is at least fifteen years old. I'm not dwelling on why I stopped working on it, only the pleasure of seeing it on the bed. 

Maybe for me a better term is endurance. As in the horses pulling the chariot, not the egomeister waiting for applause. I don't need accolades for a well lived day, all of us have that option. Getting up. Starting fresh. Open eyes, open heart. 


  1. I don't train to reach the top of the mountain but to a better navigator of whatever valley or mountain I'm on or in. Endurance is good but I hope (as you point out in your post) that I can pay attention to the gifts along the way.

  2. Today is the youngest will be for the rest of our life.

    1. my business partner moaned about being 60 every day until she turned 70. what a waste of breath :)


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