Friday, May 6, 2022

Phone Work

 Tao Oracle ~ Obstacles

Aren't they fun? To look back on. After we've survived, buried, ignored into invisibility, or actually surmounted. At my age if there is an obstacle, it needs to be dealt with. 

I've already had and vanquished four this year, the worst part of dealing with them required talking on the phone. Which is an obstacle In Process; I doubt I ever get over the panic symptoms, but I can stop nurturing them with avoidance, and force myself to get on with it. 

Could be worse, I could have a fear of doorknobs or refrigerators or lawns. Makes phone work look easy peasy. 


  1. "The Chinese believe that before you can conquer a beast, you must first make it beautiful." Kay Redfield Jamison, "An Unquiet Mind"

  2. would that make one one of those people out in the real world with my face glued to a screen, or sharing my conversation with dozens of other people who don't want to hear it? :)

    1. Jamison 'battled' bipolar disorder and anxiety (she is a psychiatrist); she finally figured out that she needed to accept and work with things instead of trying to stomp them out.

  3. I have spent a good amount of time on the phone these last 25 years in sales. I am glad those days are just about behind me. Most people only want to text anymore; a phone call usually indicates problems, yuck.

  4. most of Rob's work life was on call 24/7 and my jobs required phone work too, the last 10 years 24/7. I said I wasn't going to have a phone when I retired, but that isn't very practical. But I use it on my terms.


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